Hotel Study Old Sacramento State Historic Park

Hotel Study Old Sacramento State Historic Park

About this Project

The California Department of Parks and Recreation (State Parks) is gathering input from the public and local partners on design guidelines that will inform a request for proposal to develop a new hotel in Old Sacramento State Historic Park. The project presents a rare opportunity to introduce new uses into the park that will attract both visitors and local residents to the area and enhance Old Sacramento’s long-term viability as a commercial, entertainment, educational, tourist, and community destination. The project seeks to engage stakeholders and the community in conversations regarding the vision, goals, design, and programming of the proposed hotel.

Project Studies

State Parks has commissioned several conceptual studies to analyze and explore the financial feasibility, benefits, design, and potential programming of a proposed new hotel in Old Sacramento.

Opportunities to Participate

Workshop #2 is scheduled for October 6, 2022

Be a part of the design and development process! By participating in public workshops and contacting the project team, you will help outline priorities for the proposed new hotel development and shape the community amenities to be considered for this parcel in Old Sacramento.