Hotel Study Old Sacramento State Historic Park

Frequently Asked Questions

California State Parks aims to solicit proposals for the hotel development in 2023.

The Design Guidelines provide design principles and rationale to guide the project in a manner that meets the expectations of California State Parks, is consistent with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards, and aligns with the goals envisioned for the historic district.

An Illustrative Concept Study has been produced to provide clear descriptions and graphic diagrams to inform the design of a proposed new hotel in Old Sacramento State Historic Park. The study is shared on this website and includes a project overview, design guidelines, and three concept studies for visualization and review. The Illustrative Concept Study is not a final design package but rather a preliminary study.

No buildings or structures will be damaged or demolished by the proposed project.

No buildings should be directly impacted by construction and the project aims for the development to avoid possible indirect impacts to architectural resources. During the process of design development and construction, the assessment of potential impacts to historic resources (above or below grade) will be analyzed by appropriate parties.

The 2014 Old Sacramento SHP General Plan identified the development of a hotel on the 49 Scene as a highly compatible use for the site.  Bringing a vibrant hotel that compliments the historic character of the state historic park provides an opportunity to enhance the park visitor experience.