Hotel Study Old Sacramento State Historic Park



State Parks is hosting two public workshops to seek public input on the proposed project, including the design guidelines and development program of the new hotel. One workshop will be on-site/in-person and one workshop will be on-line/virtual.

Workshop #1:


Representatives from California State Parks and Page & Turnbull will give short presentations on the project’s background, goals, and initial design concepts and engage attendees in activities and discussions in order to gather ideas that will inform the design criteria of the new hotel project.

Workshop #2:

Date: Thursday, October 6, 2022

Time: 6:00-8:00pm

Location: In-person at the Stanford Gallery, 111 I Street, Old Sacramento

This workshop will reflect upon feedback from Workshop #1 and provide updates on planning considerations for the site. Representatives from California State Parks and Page & Turnbull will lead discussion groups to solicit input on appropriate design criteria for the project.

30 MIN | Presentation

  • Welcome, Introduce Team
  • Where Are We In the Process?
  • Proposed Project & Old Sacramento General Plan
  • Workshop #1 Recap
  • Workshop #2 Focus
  • Open Space (Guest Speakers from the City of Sacramento)
  • Historic Interpretation
  • Building Design

30 MIN | Breakout Groups

  • Group 1: Open Space
  • Group 2: Historic Interpretation
  • Group 3: Building Design

60 MIN | Summary Discussions & Closing

  • Summary: Breakout Groups
  • Open Comment Period
  • Closing Remarks

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